Langan Associates

Providing Opportunity Since 1968

Our strategy is simple.

Langan Associates, in business since 1968 supplies and distributes food industry products throughtout the world. Canned, Frozen, Dried, Retail, Foodservice or Institutional food products, private label and branded products are all created and specialized by Langan Assoicates for their clients.

PureAg Products

PureAg believes all farming needs to be sustainable. We understand the only sustainable form of farming comes from products that are economically viable – if it is not profitable it is certainly not sustainable.

Miramonte Products

Miramonte Tongol Tuna swims in the bays of Thailand and is fished in day boats that return each day to the factory to unload their haul.

What are people saying?

"I started using the microbial approach right from the start. I noticed changes slowly happening the first year and by the second and third year we eliminated water runoff completely. We got the water down where it needed to be and we now run the pivots at 12%."