About PureAg

PureAg Products were developed to solve the lost relationships between the soil and the micro-organisms that make nutrients available to the plants.

For centuries man has tilled the earth, planted seeds, watered and grown a crop. Then fertilizer was introduced in the form of manure and compost, with this, crops grew better; were richer in nutrients and the soils were easier to work. World War II brought about the age of chemical fertilizer, these were man-made fertilizers that sent production farming into a whole new dimension. Crop yields increased making it possible to grow more on fewer acres. Progress continued with the development of chemical herbicides, insecticides, fungicides,soil penitents, soil surfactant, soil fumigation, salt-based fertilizers, and the list goes on.

Each of these new developments solved some of the old problems, but with huge sacrifices? Every year farmers are faced with new challenges. Most of the problems they face can be traced back to some of the cultivation practices that have been compounding the problem in their soil over the last 60 years.

The fundamental foundation of all plant growth comes down to the medium in which it is grown. However, not one particular type of soil is ideal for all plants. Some plants require a high pH soil while others need a low pH. Some plants like soils with good drainage while others thrive in very wet soils. Every crop or plant also has some different nutrient needs. These nutrients mainly come from the soil.

The cycles that permit nutrients to flow from soil to plant are interdependent, and proceed only with help of the soil community. Soil microorganisms are the key link between mineral resources and plant growth. Soils contain five major groups of microorganisms: bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae and protozoa.

The bacteria are most prominent, because, of the many different populations in a given soil, they are the most abundant group, usually more numerous than the other four combined. Although the other groups carry out many changes, similar to those of bacteria, the bacteria stand out because of their capacity for rapid growth and fast decomposition many natural materials.

Understanding the cause and effect of these practices and selecting microorganisms to combat these effects has led us to the development of the PureAg Products Systems. Our philosophy and products are based on these natural organic delivery systems created by microbiologic activity in soil and water.