Miramonte Recipes

Miramonte Wild Salmon Burgers

1 -7.25 oz. can Miramonte Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon
1 -Egg

¼ cup  Chopped onion or shallots
¼ cup  Tomato sauce, Catchup or BBQ Sauce
1 cup    Bread Crumbs
¼ cup Chopped Parsley or Cilantro
4   Lettuce Pieces
Sliced Tomatoes, Red Onions, Olive Spread, Mustard or
Cheese slices optional
4 Hamburger Buns or Rolls

Drain  juices from Salmon,  mix in bowl until flaked.  Add Egg, onion, sauce and bread crumbs, blending until mixed well and smooth.  Divide into 4 patties.  Cook in skillet with olive oil on high or medium high heat for 2-4 minutes on each side.  For baking, place on oiled bake sheet and bake or broil in oven.  For broiling place in broiler for 2-4 minutes on each side.  For baking turning may not be necessary.Serves 2 large or 4 medium sized burgers, cooking time may vary.

Miramonte Wild Pink Salmon and Organic Spinach Dip

1 can   Miramonte Wild Pink Salmon
8 ounces  IQF Spinach, found in your grocery store
1 cup     Plain Non-Fat Yogurt, Sour Cream or Light Sour Cream
½ cup  Mayonnaise or Light Mayonnaise
½ cup  Chopped Parsley , chopped
½ cup  Green Onions, diced
½ teas. Dried Basil (or ¼ cup fresh)
½ teas. Dill Weed (or ¼ cup fresh)
½ teas. Lemon Zest or Lemon Peal, diced
2 lbs      Assorted vegetables, including celery, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower
Assorted Crackers or chips

Drain and flake salmon in a large bowl.  Mix into salmon the ingredients, starting with the herbs, then the Yogurt, then the lemon zest.  Place in a service bowl, cover and place in refrigerator for several hours.  Serves 16 – 20 people in a party setting with other items available.  Serve with the crackers and vegetables on a platter with the dip in a bowl in the middle of the platter.  Garnish with some diced pasley and diced carrots on the top of the dip.

Miramonte Traditional Salmon Loaf

2 cans Miramonte Salmon
2 cups Sour Dough Bread Crumbs
1/3 cup minced onion
¼ cup milk
2 eggs
2 Tbs. Parsley
1 Tbs. Lemon Juice
¼ teas. Basil
Black pepper and Salt to taste

Remove juice from Salmon, set aside for later use.  Combine flaked salmon and the juice with the indredients adding the juice to help hold the loaves together.  Make two loaves after assembling the ingredients.  Place the loaves in oiled loaf pans, bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.  Serves 6-8.

Miramonte Salmon Burger, Alaska Style

2 cans Miramonte Salmon
2 tbsp. Lemon Juice
1 ½ tsp. Dijon mustard
¾ cup dry bread crumbs
½ cup diced red onions
3 egg whites

Drain Salmon.  Blend the lemon juice and mustard. Put Bread Crumbs in mixing bowl, add salmon, onions and lemon-mustard sauce.  Blend egg whites briefly then add to mixture.  Form into 4-6 patties and grill or broil until well browned on each side.  Serve as an entre or on sour dough rolls as a sandwich.  Sauces for accompaniment include Soy Sauce, Hot Sauce, Lemon-Mustard Sauce, Tartar Sauce or other favorites.

Miramonte Panini

2 cans Miramonte Salmon
4 Panini rolls or 8 pieces of Sliced Sour Dough Bread
Fresh Herbs, diced Dill, Italian Parsley, Cilantro, Basil, etc.
¼ Cup Red Onion, diced
Tomato Slices
Bacon, optional
Hard Boiled Egg sliced in half, optional
Mayonaise or Mustard Dressing

After draining juices from the Salmon, mix Miramonte Salmon with the fresh herbs.  Dried can be used.  Assemble Sandwiches, place equal amounts of fish on each sandwich, sprinkle diced onions on top of  salmon mixture, topping with lettuce and tomatoes.  Alternatives include adding bacon or hardboiled egg or both.  Dress the top piece of bread with mayonnaise or mustard sauce.  Makes 4 Large Sandwiches.  Bread can be grilled before assembly.

Nicoise Salad

1 can Miramonte Pink Salmon
6 small thin skinned potatoes
½ pound green beans, whole
3 Cups Salad Greens
4 Roma, plum or cherry tomatoes
1 Red Onion, small, thinly sliced
3 hard cooked eggs, sliced in quarterss
¾ cup oil cured olives
Anchovies, optional
Lemon wedges, optional
Dijon Vinegrette

To make a vinaigrette, combine mustard, garlic, sugar, salt and pepper to a bowl, slowly blend in high quality olive oil. Set aside. Steam potatoes until tender, about 20 minutes, cool, slice and set aside. Do the same for the green beans only after blanching, place in ice cold water to shock and set color.  Set aside.
Assemble salads when ready for service.  Arrange the salad greens, sliced potatoes, green beans (and or peas), tomatoes, onion rings, eggs, olives and Miramonte Salmon on the plate, leave some space between components.  Drizzle or spoon some of the vinaigrette over the top of each salad, serve immediately with additional vinaigrette. Use optional garnishes. Serves 4-6 salads. Asembly in a bowl like a Cobb salad is a wonderful alternative.

Miramonte Wild Pink Salmon Mousse

2 envelopes unflavored gelatin
½ cup water
2 cans Miramonte Pink Salmon, juice removed
¼ cup grted red onion
1 ½ cup sour cream
½ cup mayonnaise
3 tbsp. lemon juice
1 teas. Salt
½ teas. Tobasco
¼ teas. Paparika
2 tbsp. capers, chopped
1 tbsp. dill
1 cup heavy cream
whole herbs for garnish
Salmon Caviar for garnish, optional
Edible Flowers for garnish, optional

Combine the gelatin and water in a small saucepan, then heat over medium heat, stirring, until the gelatin dissolves. Chill slightly. Place salmon, onion, sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt Tabasco, and paprika in a blender or food processor and puree until smooth.  Add the gelatin, capers and dill and blend and mix well.  Transfer into a bowl and told in the whipped cream.  Turn the mixture in to  a lightly oild mold or into individual molds.  Refrigerate until set, at least 4 hours or as long as 12 hours. To unmold, dip the lower part of the mold into a container of hot water for several seconds, then run a thin knive blade around the inside edges of the mold.  Invert onto the serving plater.  Garnish with chives and caviar or flowers.  Serve. Can make up to 24 as a starter dish or hors dourves.

Pasta with Salmon Cream Sauce

12 ounces Cappellini Pasta or Pasta of choice
¼ lb. butter
1 cup Fresh Frozen Peas
1 cup heavy cream
2 cans Miramonte Pink Salmon
1 cup Parmesan cheese (Reggiano)
Ground white pepper
Ground nutmeg
1 cup chopped parsley, Italian parsley or cilantro

Cook the pasta.  Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in skillet. Add the peas, frozen and sauté on medium high heat for 2-3 minutes.  Add remaining butter and cream, reduce heat to low and cook, stirring occaisionally, until butter melts and cream is almost hot. Add salmon, ½ cup of the cheese, salt, pepper and nutmeg.  Simmer until the cheese melts and the salmon is heated, about 2 minutes, do not boil, just heat. Drain the pasta.  Place in bowl or service plates. Add ½ parsley to Salmon Cream Sauce and pour over pasta in bowl and stir very gently, serve immediately.  Garnish with remaining parsley and ½ cup cheese.

Miramonte Cakes

2 cans Miramonte Pink Salmon, drained
½ cup Parsley, diced fine
4 green onions, diced dine
16 ounces Bread Crumbs
2 Eggs
2 tbls. Butter
2 tbls. Mayonaisse
1 tbls. White wine or brown mustard
3 tbls. Lemon juice
Ground Black Pepper
½ cut Pommace Olive Oil
lemon wedges

Combine the parsley and onions.  Add 1 1/2 cups of the bread crumbs. Eggs, melted butter, mayonnaise, mustard and lemon juice.  Combine mixture by hand or in a food processor until all components are one.  Add  Salmon. Combine mixture until all components are one.  Season to taste and refrigerate 1-8 hours.  Make small to medium balls out the the chilled Salmon mixture, about 12.  Press balls down to make “patties” and dip in the remaining bread crumbs, set aside and let rest for about 10 minutes. Saute patties 3-4 at a time in a skillet with oil over medium high heat.  After cooking each batch, place in warming oven, serve when ready.   Serve with garnish of parsley and lemon wedges.  Optional sauces for this dish range from tartar sauce to pepper sauce.

Miramonte Salmon Salad

2 cans Miramonte Pink Salmon
¼ cup Green onion, diced
½ teas. Sugar (optional)
2 teas Salt  (optional)
½ cup Lime Juice
3 cups diced tomatoes
¼ cup Cilantro, Italian Parsley, diced
Lime wedges for garnish
Fresh Herbs for garnish

Drain Salmon dry.  In a bowl, add salmon and the other ingredients, only use enough lime juice to moisten the mixture.  Cover and refrigerate for one hour, serve.  Can be held for up to 24 hours.  Garnish with lime wedges and herbs.  Serve as salad or Sandwich.